Saturday, January 23, 2010

LAZ Interview on by Areeezzy

I just had a chance to catch up and interview Laz (Pusher Price/ on my BBM, this is the first of many to come. Check out his music and links at the bottom of the post.

What's good, how u feeling at this very moment?
Salutations. Currently I'm feeling fatherly.
LaZ: But over all I'm in great spirits. Happy new year by the way.
Areeezzy!: Happy New Years to you to, Let us know a little bit about your self, for those out there reading.
LaZ: I'm a 23 year old rapper/studio rat/father/enthusiast of all thing daper who is out to "run this rap shit".
Areeezzy!: LoL! By the way is this your first ever BBM interview?
LaZ: Yeah it is, just got a black berry about a month ago.
Areeezzy!: Dope, So where are you from?
LaZ: Southern cali native. I've been a resident of the san fernando valley since birth.
Areeezzy!: How long you been rapping for?
LaZ: I started making substantial music in the LA scene about 5 years ago with 5th Element (pusher price)
Areeezzy!: Are u signed to anyone?
LaZ: Right now I am in the middle of creating a record for an LA based indie label Broken Complex.
Areeezzy!: When can we expect that?
LaZ: I don't have a release date as of now. Summer 2010 at the latest. In the mean time I've thrown together a few mini projects that will be available via dowl
LaZ: *download
Areeezzy!: Who are some of the people you work with?
LaZ: I just wrapped up a blend tape produced by GuideBook that will be available this weekend. And I'm fucking with this dope producer from the 818 named Freeverse on something for March.
LaZ: And DJ Hoppa, who runs broken complex is one of my main collaborators.
LaZ: Since were talking about working with other artists, let's make a pawz1 collab happen.
Areeezzy!: We can do that for sure, so I want to ask you what do you think about the state of hip hop here from LA
LaZ: State of hiphop from an LA standpoint or the state of the LA hiphop scene? Because there is a crazy difference.
Areeezzy!: Breakdown both.
LaZ: If you mean the LA scene, I assume its no different from any other city. There's over hyped lames and over looked real talented emcees. A lot of egos in an enviorment that honestly isn't worthy of egotism. The state of hiphop is progression. A lot of beautiful and real music is being made to counter the wash of in substantial fade shit.
LaZ: *fad
LaZ: But to me, its all entertainment. Dudes like cam'ron drake and wiz khalifa are just as dope as the mos defs, atmospheres, and jay electronicas.
Areeezzy!: What about the battle scene?
LaZ: I can tell you grindtime has really given a lot of my peers exposure that their music can't give them.
LaZ: But that's okay. These dudes are dope at what they do and its heavily respected.
LaZ: And I wish I was getting that many youtube hits... Lol
Areeezzy!: Would you put youtube hits over Good music with tho exposure?
Areeezzy!: I meant *NO Exposure
LaZ: I mean I make music and viral videos is clever marketing/promo, but I'm not a comedian or actor.
Areeezzy!: Will we ever see you in GrindTime?
LaZ: I think I can hold my own against most of them dudes (in the most respectful way). I have no desire to, but I'm not completely against the idea of it.
LaZ: answer... Probably.
LaZ: But it definitely won't be the foundation to my music career.
Areeezzy!: Dope, so some people need to watch out!
LaZ: Grind time is pre written material right?
Areeezzy!: I believe so, how do you feel about that?
LaZ: That's cool man as long as its out in the open. Probably makes the battles 100x better than some sloppy freestyle shit.
Areeezzy!: Lol
LaZ: Written, ill Dexter foos.
Areeezzy!: Well I got one last question?
LaZ: Hit me with it. I got one last answer
Areeezzy!: If you can put 6 people from LA that are not working together in any way to help unite everyone in the scene, who would it be and why?
LaZ: FiveOhWun from the chinky eyed pusher price camp cuz that dude is a mad respected LA hiphop OG who knows how the promo game works
LaZ: Bambu because that dude is so active in his community socially and he spreads positive awareness.
LaZ: You for throwing me on my first bbm interview
LaZ: DJ HOPPA for holding underground hiphop down in the 818
LaZ: Sid Roams(I know that's two people but fuck it) because his beats are ill lol
LaZ: Revok1 because graffiti should always be repped correctly.
LaZ: And last but not least, me, LaZarus, cuz you always need at least one dope rapper.
Areeezzy!: Thank you once again, and I'm looking forward to build with you in 2010
LaZ: Thanks for the feature and your time bro!
LaZ: Ditto
Areeezzy!: One last one, where can we find your shit (Links)?
Areeezzy!: Thank you!
LaZ: Google me

"I Heard You Like It Raw" (unofficial) "EP"


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